Thursday, September 18, 2014

Singapore Fun Fotos 7 plus Pulau Ubin

We will be leaving Singapore soon, so I have kept my phone camera handy for the sights I see nearly every day.  Some places I have covered before, but they are still amazing sights.

An early morning jog showed me dawn on Marina Bay:

The Louis Vuitton Store before opening:

The lotus-shaped Art Science Museum

The downtown skyline 

A VERY rare sight, just near the Chanel store:

After winding my way past the skyscrapers, these sculptures near Raffles Place fascinate me:

A sky-high mural depicting the world in living plants:

Part of a wall mural of glass fish.  You just want to touch it!

This Dali Sculpture "Homage to Newton" is permanent, near Boat Quay:

And this one, "Horse Saddled with Time,"  is part of a temporary exhibit on Orchard Road:

Later that day I cleaned up and visited an Art Exhibit of the Singapore Watercolor Society.  Here are a select few (yay, they don't mind if we take pictures!)  Here is an artist from Beijing with her painting of Cock's Comb blossoms....her daughter wanted to take a photo the artist with me

The Marina Bay view:

Tiong Bahru:


The David Elias Building that I have included in an earlier blogpost:

Most amazing is this student 2nd place winner...I would definitely buy this if I could:

I stopped into the lobby of the Fullerton Hotel (had to dodge a Maserati on my way in...) and saw this "bouquet" with teddy bear driver, celebrating the upcoming Grand Prix race. Imagine the fun they had making this!!

Next day, took a trip to Pulau Ubin, an unspoiled island off the Changi coast.  You take a bum boat (fare is $2.50) over to experience what the islands all used to be.  Years ago, we took the kids there and rented bicycles to see the old quarries.  It still looks the same except there is now a boardwalk to enjoy the wetlands.  My camera didn't take very good photos, so I will just give you a taste:

The bumboat view:

The boardwalk:

A famous critter that lives here is the Fiddler Crab.  He is a little guy who with that big claw that attracts mates and scares off rivals.

Mudflats...all the black spots are little fiddler crabs, waving their claws:

Spot the lizard!

Some beautiful vegetation - the seed pot of the Attap Palm. These seeds are used for the local Malay dessert called Ice Kaching.

And the special treat, a sighting of the indigenous wild pigs that roam the island.  Despite their wil look, they are extremely tame and came close, hoping to be fed.  But all of us hikers that day were god citizens and kept our snacks to ourselves.  There were about 5 adults, several juveniles and 2 little striped babies:

One last glimpse of an old quarry:

And the trip back on the bumboat:

That's all for now - A few more posts coming soon!