Monday, August 13, 2012

A Day Out...and In

Every ex-pat here must be sponsored by someone...John gets his employment pass from work and I get a dependent's pass.  You can't just come to live in Singapore because you want to.  :)  The company sent a driver to walk me through the process at the Ministry of Manpower, Work Pass Division.  After I got my photo done (like a driver's license), I took a photo of my guide:
His picture turned out a lot better that mine!                           The process was quick and efficient, as it always is in Singapore.  But then the driver said Good-bye and I was left to find my way home.

I stopped for coffee and enjoyed a bit of home with a twist:

Singapore has the best public transportation so I easily found the MRT station and enjoyed this scene in the Dhouby Ghout station:

My fingers are itching to start breaking china....

Got to the apartment by noon with plans to go food shopping, but  the computer connection wasn't working... I called to get it fixed and spent the whole afternoon sitting with IT guys trying to get things fixed in the apartment and on my computer...and I mean all afternoon....and much of the evening.  Went to dinner at a Thai-German Micrbrewery.  How is that for ethnic?  It was good but crazy expensive, but on Monday nights the live band offers a deal:  come up and sing just one song with the band and you get 30% discount. And when did I ever pass up a discount?  So I sang Desperado with the quite-good local band and got $30 off the bill.  Am I a professional singer now?? :}


  1. What is Cafe Americano? And $30 off just for singing?? You're definitely going there again. So what was on the menu at the Thai-German place??
    I must know! :)

  2. Yes, it sounds great, but $30 off of $100...when we only had a cashew chicken stir-fry, some fried rice, a Thai fried fish and 2 beers... (they don't even give you a bowl of white rice to go with stir fry.) And only chopsticks...but what an adventure! Thai food and German beer. Cafe Americano is just espresso with water added. We americans can't take our coffee too strong. :)

  3. when your china arrives by boat, maybe some of it will be broken and then you can get started!!

  4. So can John be your sponsor? or is the driver your sponsor? :)