Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15

I thought today would be an easy one; all I had to do was a couple loads of laundry.  I took a run and had breakfast, then started my battle with the European is NOT user-friendly.  All my instincts about which buttons to push were wrong.  Those 3 tiny loads took me 7 hours to do...

For a break I took a short walk over to join the American Women's Association of Singapore. They have lots of activites to fill my time and 1100 members!  Take a look:   As I was walking out I glanced over and saw a familiar face - Tawnya, a friend from all those years ago.  Wow.

Since today is the Feast of the Assumption, I looked up the nearest church and found I could go at 7 PM.  John was at a work function, so I found my way to St. Alphonsus, via a food court for some fish ball noodle soup. (It is SO good!)  The church is open air, and when I arrived at 6:50, it was completely filled.  By 7:05, the congregation was about double the capacity, overflowing the sides and the steps.  Wow.  Just like Christmas! There were TV screens with all the songs and prayers so everyone could see and participate.  I was feeling very uplifted by the faithful, but then the homily went on for 30 minutes...and they sing every verse of every song...and slo-ow-ly.  My faithful & sweaty patience was tested - and at least I had a seat!!  Humbly yours...K

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  1. I can't believe you saw someone you know!! How many Americans are there??? Crazy. You have to sneak a pic of the inside of church next time.