Friday, August 10, 2012

The Food Court Experience

Of course there are many regular restaurants here - take for example this sidewalk McDonalds that is so busy they must tell you where to stand:
But the most fun is going to a food court and eating at "Hawker Stalls."  It is street food, but each stall is rated by the health department and most here get a "B" rating, so it is safe. The scariest thing is wondering what the dishes actually are...the people next to us were eating, I think, snails.  But you would recognize the lobster, shrimp, chili crab and all kinds of noodle dishes.  I have been dreaming about Char Kway Theow for 13 years, and finally got some last night.  John got some hot-hot-hot Lamb Vindaloo with Naan.  Enjoy the sites and sounds of the Newton Circus Food Court, Friday night at 7 PM:

Here are a few fun faces of the food court:

and a Friday night family dinner...look at all that food!!

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