Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To market, to market

Today I had my first real experience of urban living with no car.  It is time to stock up on groceries, so I headed out by foot and subway to a downtown grocery store. (I will go to the wet market on some days for fresh fruit and veggies, but we need some staples.)  I found the recommended store and put my coin in the slot to use a shopping cart and took off down the narrow aisles.   I am pleasantly surprised at the variety of foods we can get, this being full of European expats as well as those from the West.  Of course, the prices are crazy, but even said about that. At checkout the girl asked me, "Wine club?"  I couldn't understand what she meant, so she asked me the same question about 3 times...finally a blond woman in the next aisle translated for me.  "She wants to know if you belong to the Wind Club, which costs $20 a year but it is worth it because you get 8 % off the wine prices."  (Does that sound like a good deal?  I decided to trust the blond lady and sprung for the club.)  I filled out the delivery form, took a bag with the very-perishable items, got my coin back for the cart, and headed for a bakery for a baguette and Marks & Spencers for my favorite tea biscuits.  After another subway trip home, I just had to wait until 9 PM for the delivery.  All is well and the cupboards are stocked!

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