Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yarra River Valley Travelogue

I have been savoring the memories of our 4 days in Australia's Yarra River Valley and finally am ready to share them with you.  Just north of Melbourne, this beautiful area boasts mountains, rainforests, valley, farms, wildlife sanctuaries, eucalyptus forests, bike trails, bush walks, lots of wineries and really friendly people.  We found a wonderful B&B in Yarra Junction, the Langbrook Farm, which became our base for a delightful spring stay.

Our porch
Looking out from this vantage point, we could see the cattle and their newborns.  I heard a startling sound and looked up to see these 2 kookaburras arguing with each other and got a quick shot of the two of them:

And then a close-up as one stayed to chat with me:

We visited Red Box Winery at Kangaroo Ground, where John found friends and good CabSav:

And more fun birds

One day we took a short walk in the Rainforest

And on the way back from Mt. Donna Burang, 
we found a spot our boys would love...a hang gliding take-off

Another welcome sign:

Savor the sounds as we tasted the wine:

The bulls were putting on a show for us when we arrived back at the farm:

Next day was biking on the Rail to Trail

And more new birds:

A walk on Mt. Dandenong :

The most beautiful shots will be shared in the next post... but here are a couple of parting shots that make you praise God for His creation:

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  1. Loving the birds, they bring me back to my childhood...