Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thai Cooking School

On our recent trip to Thailand, I spent a couple of days in Pattaya - John was working and I had to find things do.  I had already seen the sights of this city (see a previous post) and wasn't keen to do much more.  So I looked online for a cooking school and found Happy Home Thai Cooking School.  In real life it didn't look that great, but after I got cooking, it was heavenly!

Ingredients for Green Curry (the little green balls are baby eggplant)

 Smashing the spices for the arm got tired so the helper took over...
 The DELICIOUS  result:

Below is my fellow student; she was on the 4th day of her week-long cooking course.  Her first dish of the day was a Red Curry:

I watched her on her next dish:  whole steamed fish with ginger and spices.  Yummmm:

Next dish: Tom Yam Goon, that wonderful spicy soup.  Here is my teacher with my finished product:

And the famous Pad Thai.  Here are the ingredients, including Galangal and Palm Sugar, and the dish:

Then she taught me the secrets of a good Sticky Rice with Mango and I went away happy and satisfied, carrying those precious recipes.  Now, finding the ingredients in Singapore is pretty easy, but in the States??

The night before, we went to one of John's favorite restaurants. 

The food is wonderful, but the special thing is the live music and the dancers who come out every 20 minutes to share folk dancers with us.  This time the music seemed to be a mixture of authentic gamelan and electric guitars...  but the effect is still the same:

I'll leave you with a pretty fruit offering from the Ruen Thai:



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