Tuesday, May 14, 2013

High Tea Dance

Our ballroom-dancing friends invited us to join them for High Tea Dance at the St. Regis, a beautiful British style hotel just around the corner from our apartment.  They serve traditional High Tea every afternoon,


but on Saturdays they add a decadent dessert buffet, including made-to-order crepes and a chocolate fountain:

There is also sushi

and, of course, the three-tiered trays with finger sandwiches, quiche, soup and puff pastry pie:

We took this Saturday to celebrate empty-nester's Mother's Day early - 

But the there is also dancing:  There was a lovely musical duo that played (excellently) a variety of dance music for 2 hours: 

We sat right next to the dance floor for easy access and for the best view:

Even MORE extraordinary were the two professional dancers who were there to dance with any women who didn't have a willing partner.  They were polished, professional and prepared to make all the girls, even the young teens celebrating a birthday party, have a wonderful time!

A fun time was had by all!

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