Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Hard Part

A new ex-pat told us about a conversation with a friend at home.  The friend had said, "Your life is so perfect!"  We all laughed because we've all had that in Singapore is really great, but life is life.  Nothing is perfect.

A few things that are hard:

  • Humidity. All the time.  The beautiful plants and flowers mean we sweat all the time.
  • Everything (except public transportation) is Expensive.  Everything!
  • Haze. Sometimes the weather patterns bring smoke from Indonesia to hang over the city (this week)
  • Being at least 20 hour flight away from friends and family back home
  • Trying to understand Singlish (Singaporeans speaking English) on the phone.
  • The washer takes over an hour and ruins clothes; the dryer cooks your clothes but doesn't t dry them.
  • Being size S at home but XL here
  • When we want to go away for a weekend, we can't just drive to a new state.  We have to fly.  Thus it sounds so exotic to go to Bangkok or Bali, but it is really like going to Boston or Orlando!

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