Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn in Singapore - Fun Fotos 3

More fun sights from beautiful downtown Singapore!

A new shop opened in Ion Center - get your photo taken with the British guards!

Nothing says "Bargain!" like 5 %

I was in Changi airport one day and came across this scene:  a bunch of Muslim school girls in their pink and white uniforms.  They were running and looked like a flock of pretty birds!

More British fun - a scooter that lives next to our apartment building:

It is a long way from Fatima to Singapore!

I was vying for this parking space, but guess who won...

You don't see this too often anymore!  

And finally, a typical shop window this month:  Since it is September, you must need a coat...even though the temperature never goes below 75 degrees!

Happy Autumn!

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