Monday, December 2, 2013

Fun Fotos 4

Orchard Road was "lit up" this weekend and we got a few shots.  (I wish my camera was better...maybe I'll ask Santa)

This is the huge tree at Ion - it is green during the day, then changes from red to purple to blue at night.

The Marriott just super-lights-up its name:

Takashimaya did this cute little display with teddy bears - love the rainbow:

And there is a special Christmas show in the Takashimaya Mall that features Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...quite the Asian mash-up!! They are larger than human TMNT figures dancing with kids to Christmas songs under bright lights.  I think they looked scarier than the Santa in A Christmas Story:

That mall has the most wonderful food court - it rivals Harrods in London.  But I had never seen this stall before...and there was a long queue of people waiting to gobble these things up:

And at a great price.  And, no, I didn't try one..but my local friends say they are delicious!

Marks & Spencer has this display in the Men's Department:  heavy flannel shirts and light cotton bermuda shorts.  Just what you want for a tropical season!  Oh, and they are selling faux fur coats in the ladies department, along with wool sweaters.  I guess they think we are all travelling to northern climes for the holidays... :)

Now this is more like it.  In most Asian countries this is a common sight - a merchant carrying his wares on his bicycle.  But now in Singapore it is a rare to come across this sight.  This man, who looks to be at least 80, and SO thin, was carrying his newspapers on a super busy street to his next stop.  May not be  glamorous, but it is a job!

What I saw on the MRT last week:

Another stop at the Pottery Jungle introduced me to a whole new type of ceramic collectibles:  The Mao and Cultural Revolution Collection!  The people are about 10 inches high and quite beautifully made. (I wonder who made these and who will buy them...I don't think the workers in the uniforms can afford them)

And finally, in honor of "selfie" being named Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary:

Happy December!!

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