Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fun Fotos 5

These are not all fun...but all are interesting!

A few mornings ago when I was running in the Botanic Garden, I saw these performers, all senior citizens, filming a video - amazing moves, just like Crouching Tiger!  One of the members of the "team" teaches lessons in front of the Orchid Garden every day.  I don't know exactly what it is but something like Tai Chi and martial arts combined:

Local Snacks!!!

This is a great restaurant, but the name is not very appetizing, is it?  Anyone who has ever lived near one thinks of the smell...

A fancy dress shop in Tanglin Mall:

Ice Cream cart:  he takes a piece of white bread and adds a slice of ice cream for only $1!

One Sunday morning, Lululemon and True Yoga sponsored a free hour of yoga outside the Ion Center (the upscale mall close by our apartment.)  After the fun class, we got to take the complimentary mats home!

The Year of the Horse celebrated in Chinatown:

Money to burn for the ancestors

More views from the Botanic Garden.  

One morning  I saw 4!!!! monitor lizards!! I surprised this guy on the boardwalk and he scurried into the brush:

And people enjoying a walk

And this amazing tree:

Ballroom Dancing!!

Lunch at the Culinary Institute of America's first international branch. Delish!!!

The University buildings; not only cooking, but art!

Restrooms identified by graffiti  

And finally, some sad pictures depicting the drought we are experiencing.  On the left is a photo I took months ago, on the right is this week:

The lawn near symphony lake
The same spot where turtles used to hang out:

This should be about 5 feet deep where the shoreline is:

And one more drying up lake:

But the bougainvillea is still blooming away:

I will leave you with the sight of these lovely Indian girls relaxing at Maxwell Road Food Center:

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  1. Great photos and thanks for the memories Kathy! I love the way you captured the everyday happenings at the Botanical Gardens, our favorite place together on Saturday mornings. Thank you for taking the time to document and share these great adventures in Singapore. Chinatown was amazing this year with the flying horses suspended over the streets. The dancing was so much fun and we must go again. Thanks!!!!