Friday, August 31, 2012

Mah Jong Mondays

It always seemed a given that I would play Mah Jong went I moved to Singapore, so I started on Monday:

I'm totally hooked. 

My running group was supposed to start on Tuesday but the torrential rain kept us out of the Reservoir park, so I had to do the treadmill...

Wednesday brought an event by a designer on how to decorate with antiques...unfortunately I didn't take any pictures...and that night had Girls Night Out with new/old friends from the UK:
Mexican food and  free margaritas set us on a track to do it regularly.

Friday's specialty was tea with my friend Gayle's Singapore family - a delightful afternoon in a family home with good food and catching up.  I found out her sister-in-law is a wonderful artist; she had an exhibition opening that night so John and I went to the gallery for the festivities:

The event "Our Watercolour Journey" featured 24 art students (looked very professional to me!) of a wonderful teacher.  It was held in the atrium of the Ministry of Communication and Arts building, which is now restored to colorful glory.  I remember it has the place that censored all of our videos when we were here before...(we had to pay for them to watch Sister Act and cut out anything offensive)... I think things have changed a bit but more about that later...

Here is Nina and her entries:

I am sorry my photos don't do them justice!

And one of her colleagues:

Yes, all watercolor!

Bye for now!

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