Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Modern Art

This Sunday we found a parish that seems more to our liking...perhaps because it is air conditioned.  :) This was the day they received 40 RCIA candidates - 40 (!!) people who are becoming members of the Church. So of course the service lasted an hour and a half, but it didn't seem that long...probably because we had a pew this time and it was cool!!  Near the end of Mass we heard a few claps of thunder, and then the  skies opened up.  I had forgotten that when it rains here, it pours!

We went to lunch at a nearby mall; on the way we noticed a CD shop.  There were lots of CDs, but the most prominent product on display was cupcakes:

After lunch we visited the Singapore Art Museum, which is housed in the historic St. Joseph's School.  The St Joseph’s Institution building began with Father Jean-Marie Beurel, who was instrumental in raising funds not only for this boys’ school but also for the Church of the Good Shepherd (now known as the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd) and the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (now known as CHIJMES). After establishing the church in 1847, he raised monies for its adornment as well as for the boys’ school. He felt strongly that “a church without a school is like a King without progeny".  
Unfortunately for us who love art museums, this one was filled with strange contemporary works; some were thought-provoking, but a lot of it seemed like wasted space to us. But the antique mosaic floors and the architecture made it all worthwhile, and there are lots of other museums to visit during our stay!

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