Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shopping for Tech Gear

John needed some computer stuff, so we headed out on the MRT to a computer mall.  I first have to comment on the wonderful rapid transit system here.  I have been doing several trips a day for 2 weeks on the subway and still haven't used even $15 on my card.  Most trips are about 30 cents, and a train arrives every 4-5 minutes.  (Take that DC Metro...)  Here is what a station looks like:

So nice, so clean.  And then outside, here is the sidewalk...can you tell what's missing?
I hope you disgusting black spots from discarded gum.  And this is an old sidewalk! (Contrary to rumor, it is not illegal to chew gum here, just to sell it and to litter the ground with it.  So nice and civilized)

We found one of the malls that specialize in everything computer, camera, phone, gaming,copying, everything.  5 floors of hundreds of little shops, all with the same kind of stuff and somehow making a living.

We finished our shopping and headed back to the station, of course going through a street market on the way. A little toy stall:
It seems a new business opened, so all the congratulatory flower arrangements decorated the walkway:

We needed a little snack and decided to go to the food market and find a juice stall.  I had my favorite -fresh carrot and pineapple -( no sugar, corn syrup or water added) - and John enjoyed a glass of watermelon juice.  All for $3.50.  But as we waited for the man to blend our drinks, this was what we saw next door.  I think they are cuttlefish, which are monster squid.  Quite delicious, really...

And finally, a beautiful little bit of architecture to cheer up an alleyway:


  1. Love the subway fares...DC just started adding an additional fee just for using the paper cards.... So glad that all is going well.

  2. Have you found out how they make the MRT so affordable? There is a big fight in Hawaii about a new rail plan and one of the constant criticisms is that it is a huge money hole.

    I think I recognize the computer mall, but there are probably dozens like it there. Where was this one?

    1. Tell me who you are!!

      (It is Sim Lim Square)