Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tiong Bahru

I traveled down near Chinatown to Tiong Bahru, which I have learned was the first planned "town center" with apartment buildings and market and shops all purpose-built in the 1960's.  I didn't have an official tour, just me and my camera.(I know I will come back because I heard the rumor that here you can find a gathering of local men with their singing birds in cages.)

A lot of the houses and shops are now up-scale design, film and sound companies, but they retain the simple character of the originals. In front of the row houses, between the sidewalk and the street is a teeny-tiny garden spot:

Where you can grow your own bananas:

But most people get their fruits and veggies at the market:

From the local vegetable lady:

I don't know what this is...the customer in the flowered blouse told me it is good for losing weight;  maybe she was trying to tell me something:

Around the corner was this shop, which looks like a Shoe Shop, right?

But when you look closely at the sign, it is really a House Maintenance and Renovation Company:

Maybe it is a new concept...

After shopping, it is good to stop at the beautifully decorated temple to give an offering:


But we are a equal-worshiping country, so directly across the street is the sign to direct you to the closest Christian church:

And after a long day of shopping and worshiping, one's feet must be tired, so let's get a foot massage:

And business is booming

My last stop was at "The Orange Thimble," an old sewing shop that now "tailors" to the caffeine needs if today's clientele:

Happy Halloween!!!!

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