Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apartment Living

Now that we are settled in our apartment, I thought I would share some of the daily views.

From the 19th floor, I see this out our living room window:

But Singapore is constantly growing and changing, so outside the bedroom windows we see a new skyscraper going up:
The above photo doesn't really show how close this is...the operator of the crane can look right into our bathroom window...

And looking down, this is what we see:

So to get away from all the hubbub, our apartment complex has the most beautiful garden conservatory where I went to read this afternoon.  It is an air conditioned greenhouse surrounded by waterfalls, koi ponds and benches for reflection.  Enjoy!

 Look carefully for the turtle:

I'm thinking of doing my mosaics at this spot on the mosaic floor:

And a special plant to give you a peaceful thought right now:

Last weekend we visited some new friends who chose the ultra-modern apartment by the bay.  Here is what the building looks like:

The clubhouse:

And the view:
The cruise ships go in and out every day and it is right across the water from the new Universal studios theme park.  Total resort living!

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