Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Day Trip to Malaysia

I love dishes... I have 4 or 5 sets, plus lots of extras.  I do mosaics with broken china, so I even love pieces of dishes...  So when friends told me that there are china manufacturers just up the road in Malaysia, I was looking forward to a road trip and finally got it last week. 

The journey started with a border crossing, including passports and customs, but they won't let you take photos there, so you just have to take my word for it.  We drove off of the island of Singapore, over a causeway bridge, then entered the city of Jahore Bahru, Malaysia.  (JB in local lingo.)  Then we drove north on a really nice highway with really crazy drivers for an hour and a half and reach our destination:

Doesn't really look like much, and it isn't for the dainty shopper...everything is outdoors under an awning.  But for someone who loves dishes, it is a treasure trove:

We got started
and were rewarded with several tables of recognizable selections (if you don't recognize the brand, you just don't understand ...)

It seems that this business manufactures lots of famous brands and we shoppers get to pick through the seconds that don't get to those big department stores...

As we left we saw the employee/commuter parking lot:

We had a beautiful drive back through the palm plantations (I think they grow palm oil here...) and came upon another bargain Shoppers' Paradise:
Yes, that is the same "Premium Outlets" logo as you see in the States...and many of the same stores... we didn't do too much damage here, since we weren't really prepared for these kinds of shops, but we did take note of the outlet closest to the entrance:

And one of the premium choices for lunch:

We had to show you the fun stuff we found at the Adidas Store (no, I am not getting any product endorsement for this).  Look closely! the one on the left seems to be a bikini top, and the black dress with buttons is made from wetsuit material. ??? 

I have already made some mosaics from my new dishes - I'll share them with you soon!

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