Monday, January 14, 2013

Walking on the Southern Ridges, Part One

Although Singapore is a city state, you can still have a great outdoor hike.  Walking the "Southern Ridges" brings you in contact with amazing views, historical look-outs, jungle, manicured gardens, canopy walks, and of course, wild monkeys. Not to mention design award-winning bridges and every kind of restaurant you want!  We spent two mornings exploring the ridges, and here is Part One.

We started at Mt. Faber, where the cable cars take off to go to Sentosa.  Amazing views!

We came to a beautiful secluded spot that must have had beautiful views before the trees grew up...

but it is still a great place for yoga:

The first bridge is called Henderson Waves, a wooden structure that just feels great to walk on:

The next section is a metal "bridge" that must be a mile long.  It keeps you high above the ground and in the treetops.

It is fun to look down and imagine the creatures living in the undergrowth, to hear and see hundreds of birds, and of course, look out for the monkeys:

I was struck by one particularly beautiful tree whose buds start as little balls, open to pink/purple star shapes, then fully blossom to yellow flowers.  Gorgeous.

At the end of the metal walkway we come to the Alexandra Arch, a marvel from above and below:

We turned around here and headed back to Mt. Faber, just in time to get a dose of reality:  a tour bus traffic jam!

 Stay tuned for Part Two!

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