Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fun Fotos

I have taken some fun photos that don't fit into my regular blog.  Here they are!

You know those squishy little gel-like teddy bear key chains that the kids buy at book fairs and gift shops?  Well here is a family of them at a mall, standing about a meter high (taken from the bus window):

I love to look around on the MRT and see who I am riding with.  Last week these were my companions:  A Buddhist monk with his Columbia baseball cap that matched his robe, and the fashion model Anime girl.  I couldn't get her platform patent leather boots and polka-dot tights in the shot...

Outside the MRT was this sign, I think telling us to be careful and not fall into the tracks...but my pro-life mind read it differently.  Is this a social message?  :)

This is the display shelf next to the check-out at the grocery store.  
Notice that it is all mints; no gum. of course!

Every morning a brigade of these motor-trikes go out on patrol; the workers use handmade brooms to sweep up all the leaves and any debris on the sidewalks.  
It keeps everything nice and clean and provides full employment:

When shopping for some furniture at an antique dealer, we found this carved tree root. 
 I called it "2 Wise Men."

And 2 more Wise Men:  our sons at the Botanic Garden Water Ball:

When was the last time you saw a mailman on a bicycle?

Nearly all the maids (oops, they are called "helpers" now) have Sundays off, and the streets, buses and MRT are crowded with them, enjoying their leisure.  I had to take this shot of a group of them, exhausted after their day, resting on the stairs at the Orchard MRT:

Dempsey Hill is a fun food and shopping area, especially for ex-pats.  One of the carpet stores has a big bunch of exotic birds outside their shop, just for fun.  When I hopped out of the car to get this guy
 a helper there said, "Here, why don't you hold one while I take YOUR photo?"  How could I resist...

And finally, 2 comments on the problem with society nowadays:


Here's hoping you haven't given up on caring!!

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