Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mardi Gras Singapore-style

Our expat group includes lots of  folks who are from Louisiana or have lived there, so there has to be a Mardi Gras party each year.  We were told to be ready for an amazing time, and we were not disappointed!

 The greeters started us off with the official purple and green, dispensing beads and American beers:

The Thai elephant got into a party mood

 As well as the Chinese Terracotta Warrior
The menu included muffalato, 
yummy sausages with 4 kinds of mustard, King Cake, pecan pie, and 2 pigs, slow-roasted all day over a backyard grill:

The crowns and capes were ready for
 the King & Queen
who led us on a parade
down the street.

 A great time was had by all...let Lent begin!

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  1. Please don't bring your undesirable Mardi Gras culture over to Singapore. Look at what happened to New Orleans- Hurricane Katrina. Red algae sea in Sydney.