Thursday, September 20, 2012

Formula One Arrives

Race Car Fans!!  Formula One is arriving in Singapore this weekend!!!  The race will be held at night beneath the gorgeous lit-up skyline of Singapore's newest attractions!  Watch our for:

Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino

where we had an anniversary toast on the 57th floor "Koo Day Ta" bar

just above John's hand is the Esplanade Concert Hall (Maroon 5 and Katie Perry are headliners this weekend) and just below his hand is the lotus-flower-shaped Art Gallery, dedicated to Salvador Dali.  Right now there is a special Andy Warhol exhibit.  

Near the bar and on top of the hotel is the infinity pool, which looks like it is rolling right off the edge...yikes.

A view of the Singapore Flyer at sunset. You can just make out the stands for the race just behind this ferris wheel, which is 42 stories high, a height of 541 feet, the tallest Ferris whee; in the world. (It is 98 ft taller than the London Eye, according to Wikipedia.  Each car holds 28 people and takes 30 minutes to make a revolution. (Just below the right side you can see the viewing stands for the race.)
 We are waiting to take visitors along on our first ride.

The Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. 

All of these, plus the financial district skyscrapers, and a brand new huge garden, surround the marina bay where there are nightly laser shows to delight visitors.  I hope it will be telecast wherever you are - have fun and enjoy the view!

Next up:  a quick trip to Thailand.

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