Friday, September 28, 2012

Recess in Thailand

I have been in the States this week, so I apologize for no posts.  I have been reveling in the ease of shopping and in the low prices on everything!  But most of all, enjoying time with my daughter and sister.

Here are some highlights from the quick trip to Thailand I had last week.  John was working in Pattaya, so that is where we spent the week.  Absolutely gorgeous Hilton Hotel ( go to to see some views of the infinity pool, etc.)
The view from our window

This is one stall in a row of 10 identical ones, delectable fruits:

Party Central.  Just kit out your VW bus, add neon lights and alcohol, and you have a portable bar!

Everywhere you look, people are doing whatever they can to make a living.  Lots of entrepeneurs made carts out of their bicycles and took their culinary skills on the road:

This man did satay...hanging in front of him are strips of chicken:

The Thai food was excellent, of course, but sometimes you need that burger.  Here Ronald displays that Thai gesture of welcome:

During my stay, I had a manicure-pedicure, a facial, an hour-long Thai massage, a haircut and an hour-long foot massage.  I think I spent about $60 total.  Here is my foot masseuse:

Most Thais are quite devout Buddhists, and many corners on the busy streets had devotional temples for the people to pause for a prayer or offering of food and incense:

Here is a video of the nightlife:

If this entices you, maybe you want to start a new career!

And finally, your first holiday greeting, photo taken on 9/19:

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