Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo - share it with the kids!

I got to play host to a friend of our son for a few days.  A must-see for all Singapore visitors in The Singapore Zoological Gardens.  I know, you are thinking that zoos are for kids, which is what I used to think.  This place features habitats from around the world and all the animals that live in them.  You walk around with the critters right next to you - or hanging above your head.

This little guy was sitting on the first sign we passed by

And then we looked down over a railing and saw this big guy

Next stop, the Orangutans

And the White Tigers

We walked into a special enclosure and Steve made friends with a trio of lemurs:

We turned around and were startled by this huge sleeping bat:

 A crowd of Mouse 
Deer inhabited the edge of the pathway - this one is about 10 inches in height:

I watched this guy and had to get the video...he turned toward me and I was sure he was going to jump onto my head!  (I don't know what he is) And sorry if the video is sideways...

In the African area we were treated to these guys - and sang Hakuna Matata as we strolled:

And the cheetah was the only one behind glass - this gal ran full speed up to the window a pressed her nose up to it... was she trying to smell us?

 And finally, this beauty and her baby are in a special research area for endangered species:  love that nose!

This is only a small taste of the wonders of the Zoo - there is also a Night Safari that features nocturnal creatures.  Maybe a future blog entry.  

For better photos and videos than mine, check out the official site:

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