Monday, October 8, 2012

No new photos!

I know I haven't posted for too long a time..... all I've been doing is trying to fit our furniture into the apartment, getting used to new appliances, getting TV and Internet set up (John is actually doing that), emptying boxes, chastising myself for bringing so much stuff, etc., etc.   Going to the market today and will get photos!!!

It is very smoggy here every day, due to haze from Indonesia...
Met with my run/jog/walk group this morning to run at the National University of Singapore track, doing some 100 meter sprints.  If it was this hot and humid at home, they would say you should stay indoors and avoid physical exertion,  but here it is just the way it is...

Enjoying city living, being able to walk to restaurants and food shops, even the doctor where my red eye was diagnosed as pink I had to resort to wearing glasses for 6 days.   Arghhh!

Spent a frustrating afternoon searching for light bulbs...they don't sell them at any of the regular places I thought they would.   I needed to find a hardware store, but ended up at up-scale Takashimia, the Japanese department store, where they sell them in their grocery store.  Who knew???

Back to the boxes.  Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

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